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Vetrix® BioSIS Neurology Overview

Neurological surgery can be very serious procedures. Vetrix® BioSIS ECM is a naturally occurring biological matrix that is perfect for native tissue repair. When placed as a dural graft or laminectomy barrier, the intimate contact between Vetrix® and the surrounding tissue allow cells to migrate, separate, and differentiate within the bio-scaffold. Once angiogenesis has enveloped the Vetrix® BioSIS, the material will resorb into the body, leaving behind only native, organized tissue.

BioSIS Extracellular Matrix

Download BioSIS® Informational Brochure

Download BioSIS Informational Brochure

BioSIS for neurology is a platform technology. The architectural structure of Vetrix® BioSIS allows for numerous surgical applications. The shelf stable, naturally-occurring, complex matrix is easy to handle, yet strong enough to hold sutures and provide support for weakened tissue. Surgical examples for use of Vetrix® BioSIS include:

  • Dural graft for craniotomy (frontal sinus, parietal, suboccipital, and more)*

  • Laminectomy barrier for spinal surgeries

  • Dural graft for spinal tumor surgery

  • Dural graft for arachnoid diverticula

*Note that only BioSIS multi-layer products are indicated for prevention of CSF leakage.