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Dr. Herrington- August’s Featured Case

August 2018

This months’ case comes to us from Dr. Mike Herrington DVM. He leverages Healion, Vetrix’s amnion wound particulate to close a mass removal.

Dr. Herrington practices at Englewood Animal Health Center in Englewood, FL. Read below to learn why he used Healion and his results utilizing this technology.

Case background: “Gracie is a 6yr old F/S Boxer mix who presented for removal of about a 1.5cm dermal mass on the dorsal mid shaft R forelimb. The mass removal was the easy part, but closure was difficult. The mass was directly over the cephalic vein, so I did not want to leave it open. I had to undermine completely around the circumference of the leg and make about 2 dozen mesh incisions, as well subQ anchors just to get the skin apposed. Even so it was tight, so I splinted it and applied a modified Robert Jones bandage. I performed daily wet-dry bandage changes, using Entederm (nystatin-neomycin-triamcinolone) ointment, mainly for the anti-inflammatory properties. The skin just didn’t stretch as much as I was hoping, and the cephalic vein was being compressed, so her foot became edematous and the skin around the incision is showing some focalized necrosis. On April 7th I made 2 releasing incisions under bupivicaine, taking great care to leave the cephalic vein covered. I was able to massage a good amount of the edema out. I replaced the splint & bandage, this time switching to silvadene cream. She is also on carprofen and cephalexin orally BID.” – Dr. Herrington

Initial Healion Application

Healion was initially applied on 4/11/18, 8 days after surgery, to the releasing incision sites. Gracie got her bandage off 3 days later and licked the Healion off the wound.

Reapplying Healion

Healion was reapplied per suggestion from Vetrix on 4/16/18. No further complications occurred.

4 Days Post Second Application

Healing proceeded well, a healthy granulation bed formed by 4/19/18. The splint was removed from the bandage on 4/20/18 (4 days post Healion application), with Gracie able to fully bear weight on the affected leg.

5/4/2018 (18 Days post Healion application)

Bandaging was maintained to protect the healing wound.

5/14/2018 (28 days post Healion application)

Epithelialization proceeded well, and was complete on 5/14/18. Carprofen and cephalexin therapy was maintained until 5/14/18.

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