Looking for a better way to treat corneal defects?

EyeQ Eye Drops is an easy-to-use, non-surgical, option that enables you to offer the very best in regenerative care, helping you treat your patients with confidence.

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Promote Healing

Modulate Inflammation

Provide Long-Lasting Lubrication

Do You See Patients With Corneal Ulcers And Defects In Your Practice?

  • Frustrated with treatments that are unresponsive or take too long?

  • Looking for a better way to treat corneal ulcers and other ocular defects?

  • Looking for a fast and effective treatment that makes both patients and clients happy?

  • Looking for treatment options before resorting to surgery?

  • Are you a leader that believes your patients deserve the best care?

  • Ready to join top doctors in using the very best in regenerative ophthalmic technology?

Confidently Delivering Superior Results

“9 year old mixed breed dog presenting with a 6 mm diameter near full thickness corneal ulcer with extensive keratomalacia in the superior temporal quadrant of the left eye.  Extensive keratomalacia is seen despite use of Ofloxacin antibiotics and serum for the past two weeks by rDVM.  Two days prior to presentation the owner noted the eye having greater discharge and the dog more uncomfortable.  The eye really needed a graft, either amnion, BioSiS or conjunctiva but financial constraints prevented surgery.  I continued current therapy but added amnion eye drops.  After one week the eye is comfortable, no discharge and has no keratomalacia.  The ulcer remains but now is only about half corneal thickness and 4 mm diameter.  I gave the owner my last 5ml bottle of amnion eye drops.  Pretty impressive turn around. -Case still in progress.”

Dr. Bill Miller, DVM, DACVO
Dr. Bill Miller, DVM, DACVOMemphis Veterinary Specialists

Using EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops
Is Easy

  • Mix EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops in a specialized dual chamber dropper that provides easy storage and extended shelf-life.

  • Apply directly to the defected cornea, providing an environment conducive to cell growth and migration, while modulating inflammation, and promoting rapid epithelialization.

  • Monitor your patient and see the results for yourself.

If you treat corneal ulcers and other corneal defects in your practice, you need EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops.

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What Makes EyeQ Different?

Promote Healing

EyeQ’s innate concentrations of growth factors and immuno-privileged components promote rapid cell migration and epithelialization to the defect.

Modulate Inflammation

Corneal defects cause dramatic inflammation. With potent concentrations of anti-inflammatory properties, EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops modulate inflammation which creates a superior healing environment.

Long Lasting Lubrication

High-molecular weighted Hyaluronic Acid (HC-HA) provides a viscous, long-lasting lubricant that prevents micro-injury caused by blinking.

Download EyeQ Informational Brochure

Download EyeQ Informational Brochure


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