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Vetrix® BioSIS ECM is the leading biological scaffold
for soft tissue repair and reinforcement.

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Vetrix® Surgical Applications Overview


Vetrix® BioSIS ECM provides site-specific healing. In other words, Vetrix® BioSIS provides a natural structure, and enables the body’s natural healing process. When placed at a damaged site, the intimate contact between Vetrix® and the surrounding tissue allow cells to migrate, separate, and differentiate within the matrix.


Site-Specific Healing for Surgical Applications


A platform technology, the site-specific nature of Vetrix® BioSIS allows for numerous surgical applications. The naturally-occurring, complex matrix is easy to handle, yet strong enough to hold sutures and provide support for weakened tissue. Surgical examples for use of Vetrix® ECM include:


Use as a surgical patch for soft tissue repair or reinforcement


General soft tissue reconstruction


Urogynecologic Procedures: urethral sling for treating urinary stress incontinence and pelvic floor reconstruction


Wound Management: delayed closure of dermal wounds


Organ Patching


Repair of body wall defects including ventral and inguinal hernias


Post-surgical skin closures

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Izzy – Chow Mix

Dr. Kevin Benjamino, DVM, DACVS
Affiliated Veterinary Specialists


November 2015


Rib Resection and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Mass Removal

About This Case

Izzy, a 14-year-old Chow mix was presented with soft tissue sarcoma near and between the eighth and ninth rib. After the resection of ribs 7,8,9, and 10, Vetrix® BioSIS was used in conjunction with a latisimus dorsi flap to reconstruct the chest wall. Following the repair a thoracic tube was placed to maintain negative pressure in the chest. Izzy recovered well from surgery and was released 48 hours following surgery. Two weeks later at her suture was removed and she is doing great!




Where else is Vetrix® ECM being used for surgical applications?


Although a new technology to the veterinary field of medicine, Vetrix® ECM has been extensively used in the human field of medicine. In everything from nerve repair to skin grafting to hernia repair, the same small intestinal submucosa ECM used to create Vetrix® has proven to successfully restore damaged tissue in humans. ECM is even being used to repair damaged heart tissue! Now this same technology is available for veterinary use!


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