New Veterinary Cancer Treatments Now Available

We are taking a break from featured cases and sending you a news article written on VetiVax, our experimental autologous cancer vaccine.

VetiVax, experimental autologous cancer vaccine, is the latest in fighting cancer. See our write up in the Northwest Florida Daily News article below.

Click here to see the article written by Dr. Dara Johns DVM

In terms of cancer treatments have you had any recent cases where you needed a different approach than traditional treatments?

VetiVax Provides:

  • Cost effective alternative to chemo, radiation, or other immunotherapies.
  • Personalized vaccine to elicit a targeted immune response against certain cancers.
  • Allows you to keep treatment in your practice instead of referring out. 
  • Lack of adverse effects.
  • Extended intervals of disease-free life for specific solid based tumors.

Using VetiVax Is Easy

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