What are veterinarians saying about Vetrix?



“Vetrix SIS ECM is an integral part of any veterinary surgeons arsenal. I have used ECM for multiple soft tissue indications (body wall reconstruction, perineal hernia repairs, and urogenital surgery) with great success and I am excited to see the future benefits it will have for various musculoskeletal injuries.”

-Dr. Kevin Benjamino, DVM, DACVS

Affiliated Veterinary Specialists

“Vetrix SIS ECM is suitable for the repair of full-thickness corneal wounds in dogs, cats, and horses…”

-Dr. Sheryl Krohne, DVM, DACVO

Purdue University

2004 Journal of American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists



“I have used either single-layered or multiple layers of SIS alone or in conjunction with a conjunctival graft in order to provide a better stromal support when operating patients with melting ulcers or deep corneal ulcers. I have used that also along with amnionic membrane transplantation as well. I have been happy with the results that I’ve achieved.”

Dr. Enry da Silva, DVM, MS, DACVO


“I have had excellent results using SIS for herniorrhaphy and body wall reconstruction. It is an excellent product that every oncological surgeon should have on the shelf in the operating room for those challenging wall or abdominal wall resections.”

Dr. Daniel Degner, DVM, DACVS

Animal Surgical Center of Michigan




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