Case Of The Month – Resection and Anastomosis (RNA)

February 2019

February’s case comes to us from Dr. Lois Lassiter, DVM, at Budget Vet in Conyers, GA. Dr. Lassiter details the use of BioSIS in a complicated resection and anastomosis (RNA) procedure. Vetrix offers the very best in regenerative technologies to help you overcome even the most challenging cases. We want to make YOU everyone’s trusted veterinarian.


“I am Dr. Lois Lassiter, I have been practicing for 22 years, mainly small animal but I do large and small animal.We had a patient that came in with a foreign body. We did a resection and anastomosis; it was a string foreign body and there was a lot of devitalized bowel. After about 3 days it was evident that the site was leaking where we did the original surgery.  So we went back in and most of the anastomosis site had healed but there was a leak, and there were two other small leaks further up in the intestine, adjacent to the pancreas that were not respectable. So we decided to used the Vetrix to patch these holes because we could not resect again, the environment was not good for resection and we felt like it would be more disastrous to try to remove more bowel.  

It was a huge frustration the dog had a big secondary infection, we had to remove a significant portion of omentum which would have been our natural patch but it had to be removed because of the infection from the leakage. So really the only opportunity we had was to patch it with something else and we thought about the Vetrix. I’ve never used it before in the situation but we knew it was worth a shot because otherwise we’re gonna have to euthanize the dog.

It [Vetrix] is very simple just cut it to fit the holes and and attached it with absorbable suture.  I wrapped the entire anastomosis site with a strip of the Vetrix and then we patched each leaking site with a small square of Vetrix.  The dog came back in about a week later the owner thought the dog was not doing well. We did a contrast study, we gave the dog barium and there were no leaks. The dogs seemed to feel great to me it’s temperature was normal. The other thing about Vetrix was it was used in a situation where there was already obviously a pretty potent secondary infection than when we took the dog  stourgery it had a temperature of 106 so it was a pretty dicey situation.

The dog is doing great today looking for more things to eat and obstruct himself with.”