Vetrix BioSIS – The Outcome Has Been A Lifesaver

December 2018

December’s case is brought to us by Dr. Cindy Brown DVM. Plantation CentreAnimal Hospital.
      Dr. Brown, a first time user of Vetrix technologies, had her doubts. She partnered with Vetrix to provide the very best care and confidently treat a very tough case. In just 34 days her expertise resulted in one happy pup!  Read more below.

3 yr old female recently spayed mixed breed dog presented after being attacked by housemate. On presentation multiple puncture wounds, and lacerations were noted. Most of the wounds were located at the perineum and urogenital regions with severe tissue edema and swelling to the level of the left inguinal teat. Digital palpation of fistulas in these areas revealed palpable deep muscles and abdominal perineum. Multiple abrasions were identified around the patient’s head with a full thickness laceration of left ear pinnae. RF limb also noted to have a deep linear laceration ventral to elbow. Initial treatment of patient included pain management, fluid support, hemorrhage control, irrigation of wounds and broad spectrum antibiotic therapy. Internal rectal tear suspected but ruled out with radiographs. Lavage and serial debridement of necrotic tissue took place during the days prior surgery.

Loose stool contamination was a constant battle from the beginning until at least a week post sx.

“This case was challenging due to the location of the injury, the extensive wound margins, and depth of tissue damage. On top of actual wound care challenges,treatment costs and healing time needed to be minimized due to monetary limitations of rescue organization.”

When Linda Lou came into the clinic “it felt overwhelming, and at one point I thought maybe we couldn’t handle the magnitude of her injuries, and that referral was the answer. Unfortunately, euthanasia was also briefly discussed.”

     Dr. Brown found Vetrix. She used BioSiS scaffolds and Healion Amnion Wound Particulate for the first time on Linda Lou.

10/24/18 (Day of Surgery)

     She still had her doubts. “Not knowing what to compare to other than typical methods for open wound management or surgical repair with skin grafting, I can say using the Matrix and Scaffolds was unbelievably easy. Due to the simplicity of application and requirement of basic suturing skills,  I honestly was not sure how effective they would be.”

      Dr. Brown quickly started seeing the technology from Vetrix   perform, easing her doubts. “After about the 4th day post surgery,  despite having some bandaging and fecal contamination issues due to location of injury, we started seeing the texture of the visible areas covered with the scaffolds changing as well as the color of tissue being more healthy looking.”

11/2/18 (9 Days post Op)

     “The application of the scaffolds into the deep holes took longer to appreciate only because we did not dare manipulate the openings until after we realized they had closed significantly.”

11/27/18 (34 Days Post Op)

     “The outcome has been a lifesaver for Linda Lou. For Linda Lou life is at its best. She is almost completely healed. She can play, run, jump and is enjoying life with her new foster to adopt family. I think her “smiling” face says it all!”

Dr. Cindy Brown, DVM

Plantation Centre  Animal Hospital