• Vetrix® BioSIS Technology

    BioSIS is a strong, pliable biological scaffold for patient cells to repair damaged tissue. BioSIS technology supports remodeling with the added benefits of long-term strength, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.

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  • Introducing
    Vetrix® EyeQ

    Unique in manufacturing and composition, EyeQ Amniotic Discs provide a superior healing environment suited for corneal tissue repair.

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What We Do

Vetrix® is the leading provider of veterinary regenerative medicine. As a world supplier of innovative veterinary products, we enable veterinarians to provide exceptional treatment for their patients. Vetrix® brings the very best in surgical products for superior patient care. Our attention to detail shows in the quality of our products, and the consistency by which our products are made and delivered.

Vetrix® harnesses the natural capabilities of the patient’s existing cells by providing a biological scaffold into which these progenitor cells embed. Once the patient’s cells have migrated into the native scaffolding, the cells lay down their own extracellular matrix which, in turn, shares signals to differentiate into the appropriate tissue. With this site specific healing capability, Vetrix® can fully regenerate tissue ranging from skin, muscular defects, intestinal lining and others.

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