September Case Of The Month

September 2018

September’s case comes to us from Dr. Steven M. Whittle, DVM, at Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic in Atlanta GA. Dr. Whittle used a Vetrix BioSiS graft to heal a necrotic wound. Read below to learn why he used BioSiS and his results utilizing this technology. Vetrix offers the very best in regenerative technologies to help you overcome even the most challenging cases. We want to make YOU everyone’s trusted veterinarian.

Case Detail:
“Gracie was brought to us by Gilmore County Animal Control. They believe that Gracie was injured by a leg hold trap. She presented non weight bearing with a maggot infested necrotic wound. The distal limb was repaired using Vetrix Biosis graft material. Within seven weeks the wound was healed and Gracie is normal weight bearing.”- Dr. Whittle